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Some Personal Success Stories About My Program...

"Blair, It was so nice to be able to talk to you when I was having some tough moments and to get answers to my questions and concerns that same day. Your support was superb and I know I am never ever going to smoke again!"
-- Brian Tremblay, Las Vegas NV

"Outstanding support and a great 6 week programYou were there when I needed the support the most and you managed to get me through each day, thanks! I knew once I made it through your 6 week program the the worst would be over and I made it!"
-- Linda Wise, Dublin, Ireland

"Your daily support was just what I needed to keep me on track of my quit. For several days after I stop smoking I was thinking about having a cigarette and your support really helped me to stay focused!" I have been quit over 4 months now and I feel great! It was also a great help to be able to email you whenever I was having problems and to get straight facts and answers the same day!"
-- Karen Lewis, Houston TX

"I tried to quit smoking many times and this time I decided it would be the last time. I signed up for your support program and I have never looked back. Thanks Blair"
-- Sheila Davies, Los Angeles CA

"I was hooked on smoking and quit many times but always started up again after a few days. This time I made my mind up I was going to quit forever and I registered for your support program. The encouragement and extra support was just what I needed, THANKS!"
-- Russ Humphrey, Sydney, Australia

"A great program. I was so disappointed in myself because I would be able to stop smoking for a few weeks at a time but would always start up again. Thanks for helping me to quit this terrible habit!"
--Gary Underwood, London, England

"I had little or no support at home or at work when I quit smoking and I want you to know that I received great support from your services. I want to thank you for helping me to KICK the habit for good!"
--Craig Johnston, Sarasota, Florida

"Thanks for the support for the past 6 weeks. It was very helpful in getting me off cigarettes!"
--Barb Solomon, Atlanta, Georgia

"I have been trying to quit smoking countless times in the past 25 years and with your help I finally quit this time. THANKS!"
--Jean Thomas, Paris, France


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