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My Educational Background and Experience:

I am a university graduate in Psychology and have extensive knowledge and experience in smoking cessation, nicotine addiction, and the delivery of support to assist people to quit smoking. I have helped thousands of people to quit smoking over the past 19 years. I know how important support is in the quitting smoking process and I have designed my unique program around this very important element.

You Will Receive the Following With My Support Program:

Personalized one-on-one support. An important part of my program is our daily interaction with each other. You can feel free to email me anytime about concerns, problems, or questions you are having with your quit. I'll respond back to you that same day so you will always get the support when you need it the most!

You will receive my 105 page Quitting Smoking e-Book containing a wealth of information to help you to quit smoking and to remain quit.

A Partial Listing of Some of the Topics Covered:

Getting around your urge to smoke - The first few days after you quit.
What happens to your body the moment you stop smoking?
Tips to help you to get by the most important first few weeks.
The health benefits and rewards of quitting smoking?
Common withdrawal symptoms and how to be prepared for them.
Identifying your personal smoking triggers.
Handling mood swings and depression.
Developing healthy alternatives to smoking.
Managing the stresses associated with quitting smoking.
Deep breathing exercise to help heal your lungs.
The important role water plays in the quitting process.
How to minimize weight gain after quitting.
Nicotine - a very powerful drug!
Junkie thinking - excuses to smoke.
Visualizations to help you to stay quit.

Plus 27 other great topics!


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