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Welcome to The Quit Smoking Coach™. For the past 19 years I've been helping people to successfully quit smoking with outstanding success rates. Your determination and willpower along with my excellent support will ensure that your desire to quit smoking is successful. If you have tried to quit smoking before only ending in relapse I guarantee that this time you will quit for good!

My support program will provide you with 6 weeks of outstanding daily one-on-one support, encouragement and valuable quit tips. You'll see the first day of my program the important role daily support can play in helping you to quit smoking.

Once registered in my program you will receive my Quit Smoking e-Book, a 105 page e-book in MS Word format containing a wealth of information and support to help you to quit smoking and to remain smoke-free. In addition you will also be able to email me as many times as you want for the 6 week period and I will respond back to you the same day. This one-on-one personal support has been proven to really make a difference in your success rate in quitting smoking for good!

Please take the time to read a few Testimonials from others who have successfully quit smoking with my program.

The total cost for my program is $25.00. It is payable by all major credit cards using PayPal in a totally secure environment.

Please take a few minutes to find out more about what my program has to offer you and join the thousands of people who have successfully quit smoking with my support. My program promises to make your quit smoking experience both a positive and a rewarding one! For excellent support and information be sure to visit QuitSmokingSupport.com

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